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Hello, I’m glad you’ve decided to have a look at My Books.

Some of these books are now out of print. Copies of Megan’s Journey and Bronwen’s Diary can be obtained by emailing June.

Copies of the Text Type books, which would be of particular interest for teachers and Home Schoolers, can be obtained by contacting:

ReadyEd Publishing, PO Box 276, Greenwood, WA 6024.

“The learning and knowledge that we have is at the most but little compared with that of which we are ignorant.”


Trained Teacher’s Certificate (Wellington, NZ)

Bachelor of Behavioural Science (La Trobe)  

Graduate Diploma of Special Education (UWS).

More than 20 years experience teaching in both regular and special education in New Zealand and Australia

Private tutoring in Literacy, specialising in teaching reading  

Writing Courses Undertaken

The Australian College of Journalism Professional Children’s Writer’s Course, 2001

The Writing for Success Career Booster Program, 2002

Australian College of Journalism Professional Proofreading & Editing Course, 2004

Published works

Saving Josh, School Magazine, April 2004 – Orbit.

Lighthouse Letters, Macmillan Education (Breakers series – level 2) 2003.

Without Speech, Macmillan Education (Breakers series - level 2) 2003.

Set Free, Macmillan Education (Breakers series – level 3) 2004

Bronwen’s Diary, Macmillan Education (Trekkers series – level 3) 2005

Megan’s Journey, Loranda Publishing, 2004. Megan’s Journey was selected for inclusion on the 2006 NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge list for year 5 students.

Short stories, poetry and articles, Rigby Blue Prints, Big Ideas books

Text Types books 1 – 4, Ready-Ed Publications

Industry Experience

Tutor for the Greypath on-line Creative Writing Course

Co-editor, Greypath e-zine, Dinkum for two years.

Co-editor, Greypath Anthology, 2004

Co-editor, Greypath Anthology, 2006

Manuscript Proofreading and assessment

Bronwen's Diary

Cover illustration by Amy Geddes

One morning Bronwen wakes up to find her mother and her little brother, Matt, gone. Mum has left a note, saying she has taken Matt with her on a trip around Australia.

Bronwen’s father wants to go after them by himself, but Bronwen has other ideas. She stows away so she can go too. They finally catch up with Mum and Matt.

Over the next three months, Bronwen and her family learn a lot about Australia, themselves  and each other.

Bronwens Diary “A good book is the best  of friends, the same  today and forever.”


Set Free

Cover illustration by Dion Hamill

Ben’s job is to look after Zach, the new boy at school. But Zach won’t talk and it takes a while for Ben to find out why. When Ben takes Zach on a bird watching trip the boys end up tracking a poacher in the National Park. At last Zach overcomes his fears and Ben finds a true friend.


Lighthouse Letters

Cover illustration by Dave Deakin

Sam’s parents take him to live in a lighthouse on a remote island There’s nothing to do in a lighthouse. No basketball, no skateboards and no TV! So what can Sam do that someone on the mainland wants to hear about? Through their weekly letters to each other, Sam and his best friend, Luke, are about to find out.

Set Free Lighthouse Letters

Without Speech

Cover illustration: Jeff Gilmour

Emily can only use eight words to tell people what she wants, and no-one seems to want to read them anyway. But with a bit of help from her dog, Tim, Emily is about to prove that she can do more than just talk without speech. She is about to solve a mystery.


Megan's Journey

Cover illustration: Gail C Breese

Megan believes her parents died when she was a baby. Her world is turned upside down when she receives a letter from someone claiming to be her mother. Megan has some big decisions to make and her life changes dramatically as she has to deal with issues of betrayal, personal worth and the challenges of  living in a different culture.


School Magazine

Cover Illustration: Noela Young

The School Magazine, April 2004 (Vol. 89 No 3)

When Erin and her friend, Josh, go skiing neither of them is prepared for Josh to have an accident and for Erin to have to save his life. When a pack of dingoes turns up both children are very afraid but help comes in the form of a beautiful dog. Is this the dog Erin has always wanted?

Without Speech Megans Journey

Text Types books 1 – 4

Published by ReadyEd Publishing

These four books cover the Imaginative; Poetry and Narrative, Persuasive and Informative texts. There are notes for teachers and exciting and interesting downloadable worksheets for students.

Contact ReadyEd Publishing to purchase copies of these books.

June Published Books