Today Dad started to talk to me again. He’s decided I’d better try and learn something as we travel so he’s bought me a book with lots of information about each town. I have to read it to him as we go. Some of it’s quite interesting, so I don’t mind. I’d like to know how some of these places got their names. Today we travelled through Iron Knob, Kimbia, Kyancutta, Minnepa, Poochers, Wirrulla, and Ceduna. Now where would the name, ‘Poochers’, come from? It reminds me of pooches (dogs). Matt wants a dog. He said it has to be a blue one. Dad said dogs don’t come in blue. I’ve tried to explain colour to Matt. It’s difficult to explain colour to someone who can’t see. Blue was the colour he asked about first. I’d read him a story about a bird who flew across a deep-blue sky.

I racked my brains to explain blue. I tried to explain it in terms of feelings. Blue is the colour of the sky and the sea. For me, blue is the colour of freedom.

Bronwen’s Diary (excerpt)

One morning Bronwen wakes to find her mother and her little brother, Matt gone. Mum has left a note saying she needs time to think and she has taken Matt with her in a trip around Australia. Her father wants to go after them by himself but Bronwen has other ideas. As they catch up with Mum and Matt and then travel together around Australia, Bronwen and her family learn a lot about Australia, and each other.