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Bronwens Diary Set Free Lighthouse Letters Without Speech

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Check out the For Kids page for lots of fun activities to do with reading, writing and horses.

Welcome to my website

I hope you find the information here interesting, informative and lots of fun.

I’m passionate about reading and writing. I hope to inspire you with this passion too, if you’re not already so inspired. Please explore my website and enjoy the information about reading and writing you’ll find here.

If you are an aspiring writer I’d love to look at your writing and give you some help as others have so generously helped me on my writing journey. You’ll also find writing ideas and links to resources that I’ve found helpful.

Another passion of mine is horses. I’ve been privileged during my longish life to own several amazing horses. You’ll find stories about these special horses as well as information about horses and horsey activities.  

I’d love to hear from you if you too have a passion for Reading, Writing or Horses whether you’re an adult, a young adult or a child.

Please click on the Contact link to share your thoughts and/or experiences with me.


Megan’s Journey

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For Kids

Megans Journey