9th June


Surprise! I’m still alive. I haven’t died of boredom yet. I’m almost looking forward to my correspondence lessons arriving. Can you believe that? It’s so weird here. All you can hear is the breakers smashing on the rocks. The birds make a lot of noise too. It even smells different here - sort of salty and seaweedy. But if you go down to the rocks where the birds congregate, pooh! You should smell it. It’s disgusting. They must have been depositing their ‘you now what’ here for centuries.

Something interesting did happen yesterday. After Dad yelled at me to go and find something useful to do, I went for a walk. I hiked all the way around to the next bay. It took hours. Anyway I found a boat. It needs some repairs, but maybe I can fix it up and row back to the mainland. Would your mum let me stay with you if I did?

Have to go now. I can see the mail boat coming. It comes once a week to drop off and collect mail. It brings our stores too. The problem is that Mum orders everything so I get hardly anything good to eat.  I’d give anything for a nice juicy hamburger and some fries now.


Lighthouse Letters (excerpt)

There’s nothing to do in a lighthouse. No basketball, no skateboards and NO TV. So what can Sam do that his friend on the mainland wants to hear about? Through their weekly letters to each other, Sam and his best friend, Luke are about to find out.